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Feb 12, 2017 at 5:00 PM
Jun 12, 2016
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https://twitter.com/opblocks Nov 25, 2016

trkey was last seen:
Feb 12, 2017
    1. xFireblade
      How do you get a life? I need one :c
    2. FaZe_Shrek
      What? Your on??? <3
    3. kml
      Okay what the hell are you doing with the management anymore lmao
    4. Dylan Purcell
      Dylan Purcell
      this is DILL_PICKLE02 i needed to speak with an admin or something to get things straightened out please.
    5. ImEffects
      I am Effects Or Gabe I have been on this server lately and have been noticing a lot of cheaters/hackers and I was wondering if u would allow me to join the staff in a fight for what is right
      If So Here is my twitter @flame_recovery
      Sincerelly Effects
      1. angyma
        Jan 28, 2017
    6. daniel eiland
      daniel eiland
      posted a thread on donor support plz respond somone
    7. daniel eiland
      daniel eiland
      when the server was opblocks before it changed it's name i had a candy king rank it wasnt on the season 2 so i thought its a bug cuz the server changed a lot and ive returned a few days ago to the server and saw i have no rank i dont remember the date of purcharsing(misspelling) but i want my rank back i payd about 200$ for something that i dont have anymore
      1. Cookie
        Jan 25, 2017
        Falchon likes this.
    8. Jodegamer486
      Hi this is Jodegamer486 and i just want to ask you to give me the YT rank because i have a youtube account that plays this server and record if you change me to YT rank then it will be a huge thank you
      1. ElvenRider
        Jan 23, 2017
    9. Philos_1
      Therefore, plant minecraft can take down your server if you don't start doing this.
      1. HawaiianPing
        Planet Minecraft has no power to take down a server because some random kid got false banned.
        Jan 20, 2017
        Baricaade and Jer like this.
      2. WhyShouldIEver
        This comment is why cancer exists.
        Feb 8, 2017
    10. Philos_1
      Also, He replyed to my Ban appeal and said I was blockhitting when he didnt even see when i pvped, Also Iw asn't block hitting because I was just hitting left and right click at the same time.
    11. Philos_1
      @OPBlocks I got banned by xMochi for "Hacked Client", he didn't even ask to admit to hacking or hack check me, According to Planet Minecraft you have to ask to admit or hack check you before you ban them. You should check me or ask me to admit before you actually ban me.
      1. Baricaade
        The current opb staff know what hacking is.
        Jan 22, 2017
    12. GalaxyTurtle
      Is gobbler your favorite rank?
      1. HawaiianPing likes this.
    13. Eagles81
      it wont let me in it says I am already in the server can you tell me when I can get in
    14. DJ AniGaMusic
      DJ AniGaMusic
      what is da server ip
      1. Vakama_
        Dec 31, 2016
    15. IEatGoldenMeat
      Is It Possible To Transfer My Gobbler Rank Over To V3 Because I Never Liked Prime MC So Is It Possible , I Got The Payment To Prove IT ?
      1. angyma
        Dec 27, 2016
    16. Luigi55555
      hey, just wondering, if i bought destroyer back in v1 will it transfer over? or will i ave to buy it again?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Jer
        A Server google it
        Dec 27, 2016
      3. Luigi55555
        my rank was not on PrimeMC
        Dec 27, 2016
      4. Jer
        Donation support thread
        Dec 27, 2016
    17. Kallekarol
      I have problems With the Resource Pack.

      Can I get the download to the Resource Pack?
      1. angyma
        Dec 27, 2016
        Jer likes this.
    18. Baricaade
      Merry Christmas ;)
    19. NotDuck
      ElvenRider said: ↑
      Do you think you are being greedy with this server?
      Do you think you killed OpBlocks when you merged it into Pr***?

      No and no it already was dead?

      Really? Are you that disrespectful to the people who played there? Like god damn, you could have said it was financially dead since all you really want is money and don't care about other people.
      1. Falchon and ElvenRider like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Falchon
        Please acknowledge the fact that Alex never cared about the community.
        Dec 27, 2016
        TheAnaMain likes this.
      4. Zapexy
        Yeah, that's been established but people don't play for a community, they play more for a server. Plus, that's what managers are for lol. Alex can do whatever he wants because this is his server and his management team.
        Dec 27, 2016
      5. TheAnaMain
        I'm late to this but Jillian people player v1 for the last 3-4 months for the community... not the server as such... I don't think you understand how self reliant the server was since it wasn't held on itself.. people played opb v1 for the sake of others and the kindness. That's something we can never get again.. I mean nearly 4 weeks late reply
        Jan 11, 2017
        Falchon likes this.
    20. Dr_sharky
      trkey please can u unban me i am begging you i am sorry for hacking i wont do any thing ever again plz accept i am sorry
      i love OPBlocks it is the best server that is online so plz unban me
      1. 2good2betrue
        Didn't ban list reset for v3?
        Dec 20, 2016
        Jer likes this.
      2. Cyclone
        Begging an owner will for sure not help you get unbanned
        Dec 20, 2016
        Jer likes this.
      3. 2good2betrue
        He's unbanned LOL
        Dec 20, 2016
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