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May 15, 2017 at 8:39 PM
Jun 12, 2016
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Staff Member Owner

https://twitter.com/opblocks Nov 25, 2016

trkey was last seen:
May 15, 2017
    1. Degenerate
    2. JaydensonCraft
      Hey trkey,
      i played on OP blocks sinds Crainer and Ssundee played on it (or atleast crainer played it...) but i have a problem. i bought a rank back than but i dont have acces to that rank anymore
      is there a possible way that i can get that rank back bc the server has been updated alot. but i want to play again bc i couldnt play anymore for a while...
      i hope that ist possible.
      (i had CandyPrince)
      1. DdubsRulez2
        Post a donation support thread.
        May 20, 2017 at 12:17 PM
    3. EmmaE
      Hi,Can I Privete message you? Plz
      1. DdubsRulez2
        You don't have to ask, just do it, but he most likely won't respond anyway lol
        May 14, 2017
    4. MyrticsYT
      Lol last activity 3d 3h ago
    5. PayDayPolarBear
      Can you please tell me who I need to email to get my purchase history...the site says "All payments are handled and secured by PayPal and Paymentwall. For more information, support or a purchase history please email us at [email protected]" When I used this email I got a message back stating AK47 rejected, my message. Any help would be great.
      1. Sosa
        You even said it "For more information, support or a purchase history please email us at [email protected]"
        May 8, 2017
      2. PayDayPolarBear
        Yeah I know the point is sending an email to that address comes backs as undeliverable, IE that email address is not a valid email, for support help.
        May 9, 2017
    6. MyrticsYT
      I haven't seen you on yet but I bet my how much I'm on I will see you someday or I hope at least and congrats on this amazing server
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      2. DdubsRulez2
        Sir do you need a cough drop?
        May 8, 2017
      3. Mutah
        May 8, 2017
      4. DdubsRulez2
        Ok, it sure sounded like you needed one
        May 8, 2017
    7. emelade
    8. WhyShouldIEver
      Hello you are online rn.

      rEmEmBeR mE?
    9. axtadar
      Yo! I have bought gobbler a while ago. As the server reset, i don't have it. I still have the paypal confirmation. Can i have it back?
      1. CryWorthy
        Apr 24, 2017
    10. DdubsRulez2
    11. AwesomeAgent10
      I'm not a staff member but I have more messages than u!
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      2. AwesomeAgent10
        thats always true... :(
        Apr 21, 2017
      3. DdubsRulez2
        Apr 24, 2017
      4. 34D
        Both of you are r00d
        Apr 30, 2017
    12. Degenerate
    13. Criinge
      trkey, Amazing is doing good working on v4 probably, so you can you hire a community manager? because all amazing is doing is working on v4, we need another manager to take care of forums and accept and deny staff applications
      1. Remne likes this.
      2. Criinge
        Remne looks good!
        Apr 8, 2017
        Remne likes this.
      3. soyup
        There's no point to get one rn. There's an average of 12-15 players on daily, we don't need staff at all. Once v4 is released or has a release date, then they'll focus on staff apps.
        Apr 9, 2017
        Remne and Criinge like this.
      4. Remne
        Thanks Current. I'm still open in the position but, what @soyup said was correct. When the V4 opens, I will be happy to help out.
        Apr 14, 2017
    14. Remne
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      2. Chimerical
        To be completely honest, I wouldn't mind giving Remne a chance, seems like we're always out a cm, or one always changes. Seems like a genuine guy, who actually cares about people. Wouldn't mind seeing him in blue, just as a trial or such. What's the worst that can happen.
        Apr 5, 2017
        Criinge, gwq and Remne like this.
      3. xMc
        I mean @Chimerical I haven't offered to CM at all since I genuinely care for THIS community and also know a lot about the current staff situation and community situation as well but we all know nothing will happen.
        Apr 5, 2017
        Remne likes this.
      4. Zapexy
        Looks good!
        Apr 6, 2017
        Remne likes this.
    15. Remne
      Can we start a conversation please that I would like to discuss.
      1. DdubsRulez2
        Sorry to inform you but he hasn't been on since April 3rd lol
        (I know you posted this a while ago shh)
        Apr 19, 2017
    16. Jer
    17. xFireblade
    18. Criinge
    19. 34D
      Was your 200th rating ;^)
    20. xMc
      Duckie didn't do anything this time? He's changed alot since you last saw him but with our conversation about Olivia when I was staff, you don't plan on seeing the new side of people do you? You shouldn't let your own hatred get in the way of the community, that's just childish.
      1. gwq, Ketsueri and DuckSucks like this.
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      3. trkey
        Apr 2, 2017
        M1ghtyMa5on, 34D, CryWorthy and 5 others like this.
      4. crya
        you know it's true ^
        Apr 2, 2017
      5. DdubsRulez2
        Apr 3, 2017
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